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Easy Tips To Repaint The Wall

Posted on 09 July, 2017 by Summer
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Paint Color Selection For Home Remodel

Want to change the atmosphere of the house by changing the color of wall paint? You do not need to use the services of a painter, you can do it yourself for savings. Encourage your family to do the repainting on Sunday or on any other holiday. Below are some Easy Tips To Repaint The Wall of the house that may be able to assist you in replacing the paint color of your home so that it becomes more fresh.

1. Clean the Wall
Remove dust, dirt and grease stains (because it will make the final result does not paint smooth and evenly) with water, detergent and a soft formula. Rub the sponge to the wall to clean, then rinse with water to remove soap residue.

2. Protect the part that you don’t want to Be painted
Cover between walls and floors, windows and window frames usually have to be covered to prevent stains of paint. Protect part of the house that you do not want to be painted with masking tape or adhesive tape when painting. Once completed, immediately unplug the tape before the paint dries so the paint does not come uprooted.

Tips To Repaint Wall In Home

Nice Home Wall Repaint Ideas

3. Close the Cracks on the Wall
Use plamir (wall putty) to close the gaps or cracks in the walls, and blend until smooth using sandpaper. Apply a paint primer, a kind of liquid that is applied before painting in order to obtain the final result that is flat and shiny.

4. Use Small Brush on the Narrow part
Painter tool in the form of roller can not be applied in all parts of the wall, only the large area alone. As for the difficult areas such as the corner of the room, use a small brush to two inches wide. See also 6 Tips To Choose Wall Paint For DIY Living Room.

How To Make Wall Paint Look New

Painting Tips To Remodel Wall Color

5. Use ZigZag Movement Techniques
Tricks with a flat paint is to make a zig-zag motion up and down repeatedly until the walls closed flat. After 2-3 hours back with a new coat of paint to make it more seamless result. Roller can be used to flatten the surface color of the walls . Read also Wallpaper Design For Living Room Art.

Color Idea To Repaint Home Wall

Right Tips To Make Nice Wall Paint

6. Repeat When Need
When the painting is still less than perfect results, repeat the process again and make sure that both these works so well. When splashes of paint fell to the floor, immediately wipe with a damp cloth.

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