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homify’s best purple bedroom ideas

Posted on 22 June, 2017 by Eric
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homify’s best purple bedroom ideas

Colour psychology works on the principle that colours can have powerful impacts on our moods and even affect our behaviours. Each colour has its own effect, but the outcome it has on a person can change depending on which room it’s in, as well as the person’s experience and culture. 

The great thing about purple is that it can lead to a variety of different feelings, emotions and associations. As a combination of blue and red, purple rarely occurs in nature, which is why it’s viewed as rare and intriguing. One of its many hues, violet, shows up occasionally in nature, in both the fauna and flora fields. 

In ancient times, it required a great amount of effort and money to dye fabrics purple, as it is less common in nature than, say, green or blue. For this reason, purple has become associated with wealth and royalty, and usually it was only the very rich who were able to afford items in this colour. 

Even today, placing a purple element in one’s interiors has a certain sought-after look to it. 

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