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Minimalist Pond Design For Backyard Garden

Posted on 20 October, 2017 by Rachel
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Thursday, February 14th, 2019 - Garden

Small Pond Design For Backyard Garden

Minimalist garden is a trend favored by today’s society. The concept of a minimalist garden may arise because we have started to have trouble finding a green land in big cities. Coupled with the increasingly expensive land prices from day to day to make people think twice to leave little land to be planted with the aim of greening. Judging from these conditions, the concept of minimalist architecture are solving the right problem.
Minimalist Pond Design For Backyard Garden should not always in small layout. You can give a certain number of trinkets to make your minimalist backyard garden looks more comfortable and also beautiful. You can add a little pond approximately 1 x 1 meter or more that can be customized with your backyard wide.

A house with a minimalist design will seem stiff if only rely on the building and limited land without sustained by the presence of a minimalist garden. Minimalist garden here is used to remove solid and rigid impression of a home. To form your own pond, you should not shape it with a round or rectangular shape, you can shape according to your taste at this mini pond.

Minimalist Pond For Backyard Garden Decor

At the mini pond you can maintain some examples of ornamental fish such. You can also add water plants such as lotus flower. At the edge of the pond, you can add plants that grow not too high so as not to cover the small pond. See also Planting Grasses For Urban Home Garden.

Beautiful Backyard Garden With Pond Decor

Decorating Idea For Backyard Garden Pond

To add to the impression of a mini green on the edge of the pond you can add bonsai, because in general bonsai plants will remain small in size but has high artistic value. You can also add some hanging plants that adds a beautiful and shady in your minimalist garden.  Read also Urban Home Garden With Minimalist Design.

Decorative Backyard Garden Pond Design

Backyard Garden With Small Pond

Well, good luck in making your backyard garden design. Please read also our other the article that may be useful for those of you who are looking for references on a minimalist garden design.

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