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Plan your bathroom layout the proper way

Posted on 15 February, 2018 by Gabriel
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Plan your bathroom layout the proper way

Of course various factors must be considered when planning a bathroom layout, regardless of which design you opt for. Keep the following in mind:

• Flooring: It’s important to opt for a water-resistant surface that won’t be slippery when wet. Although various materials can be considered, porcelain tiles is a great option due to it being low in maintenance, stain-proof and easy to clean. 

• Lighting and home automation:Think about your bathroom lighting from a practical point of view. For instance, the last thing you need when rushing in the mornings is a dark and dingy space. And consider how the illumination levels can also ensure a relaxing ambience. What’s crucial is positioning a main fixture in the centre of the room to provide the required brightness for everyday tasks like showering. Some homeowners then opt for task lighting around mirrors (ornamental wall sconces, mirror cabinets that incorporate lighting, etc.) for activities like applying makeup and brushing teeth.

• Heating and ventilation: To avoid a damp space (which will inevitably be the result of a room subjected to wetness and humidity), ensure a window and/or suitable extractor fan in your bathroom to help bring in fresh air. 

• Sanitaryware and layout: When it comes to deciding what must go where, think about how you use your bathroom fixtures and in what order. For example, it’s often recommended to place the basin nearest to the door, as it’s usually the last stop in most bathroom routines. Thinks like the loo and other fittings can be located further into your bathroom. 

• Storage: A crucial element for any bathroom. Think about what you need to store out of sight to help you decide what you need to purchase, i.e. do you need a floor-to-ceiling cabinet with doors or will a simple medicine cabinet be sufficient for your lifestyle?

We think this is the perfect opportunity to see The best (and worst) bathroom flooring ideas. 

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