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The best (and worst) bathroom flooring ideas

Posted on 07 April, 2018 by Dominic
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The best (and worst) bathroom flooring ideas

Hands down, porcelain tile wins the contest when it’s a race between bathroom flooring options. Why? Because porcelain is waterproof, stylish, and cost-effective – everything you need for an effective bathroom.

Porcelain tile ensures a rich, textured and solid look – just looking at a floor covered with porcelain tiles immediately conjures up a sense of elegance and sturdiness. 

But how about ceramic tiles? Porcelain forms part of the ceramic tile family with one difference: the rate of water absorption. Interestingly, tile types are identified as “porcelain” if their water absorption rate is 0.5% or less. Thus, the question becomes: what will you use your bathroom for? If it’s only a water closet or a powder room with minimum chance of spillage, there is less of a need to go with porcelain tiles. 

The pros:Thanks to a wide variety of ceramic tiles, you can create the exact type of floor for a personalised look – even ones that resemble wood or stone! In addition, individual tiles come in a myriad of sizes and shapes (such as round, square, honeycomb, fish scale, etc.). For the smaller mosaic tiles, the designs are pre-mounted on plastic mesh sheets, meaning you don’t have to set each tile individually. With tinted grout, your chances of being creative expand. And perhaps best of all is the fact that tile cleans up so quickly and easily resists spills and even standing pools of water. 

The cons: Tile is cold, which is not great when it comes to those chilly winter mornings. However, with radiant or heated tile options, this problem quickly goes away. Plus, wet tile is super slippery, yet there is also a solution for this issue in the form of texturing. And remember that smaller tiles are less slippery thanks to more grout (which is a great non-skid surface) being used.

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